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We believe success is created one client at a time. We strive to obtain 100% satisfaction for each and every one of our clients. We provide honest, quality service. The best compliment we can receive is a referral to friends. 

What people have to say about us

Congratulations Susan & Jeff! Your support and encouragement has been top-notch for me personally! Thanks for your amazing publication and support!


Best wishes on your art magazine.

Robert Bateman

I saw the first edition Island Arts Magazine about the time I felt I should be starting to promote my work. I was impressed and have placed an ad in each edition since. I have received many positive comments on the ads suggesting it is widely read. I am very pleased that we have an energetic Island magazine that appears to be thriving and where we get the opportunity to increase our local profile. My thanks and congratulations to Susan on her growing success.

Brian Buckrell

Thank you for the opportunity to advertise 'Workshops by the Sea' in Sidney BC in your Magazine. As a result I was able to fill the next workshop – our club will definitely use your magazine to advertise our upcoming workshops.

Ruth Steinfatt
Workshop Coordinator

Thanks again Susan. I love the personal attention your provide your customers.


I have just been reading the newest and very beautiful Island Arts Magazine - what a great review of the wonderful support you've given artists over the past 5 years,

All the best,


Just a note to let you know that Gail and I really like the Island Arts Magazine for it’s very fresh format, content and artful presentation! It is the most valuable art magazine in the region with a great balance between advertisements and art information, thus satisfying the muse, curiosity about events and the business sense we all need to exercise as artists, students or art lovers (maybe even all).

Thanks for doing such a great job.

O.C. Dobrostansk
Studio on Dogwood

Sue, a big thanks for dropping off the extra copies of the magazine. I left them out on the coffee table during the Studio Tour and I wanted to pass on some of the rave commentary they elicited. In fact, I had to grab the last two of the portrait issue before they were scooped up. I kept hearing again, and again, how much people really like the magazine and look forward to the each issue. It is a lovely, card designed publication and all your hard work and talent pay off.

Perrin Sparks

I have seen your magazine some collectors hands this summer. Great job .. you really make a big difference to the art community.


I just had a great workshop at Hollyhock and received terrific feedback on your magazine. One of my participants from Parksville came because of my ad it your mag and commented on what a good job you do with it.

Ruth Payne

I have just come across your Island Arts Magazine for the first time this week and am writing to say that I thought the copy I read was great for the island and I love the sprinkling of quotes and anecdotes throughout it.

Congratulations on your first anniversary of the magazine.


What a beautiful magazine you have in the Island Arts publication. I enjoy it immensely…it is such a bright piece!


WOW! Susan, aren't you hot stuff…. great email, excellent website (should say sites, plural), and blog, all of which look great. I need to take lesson in entrepreneurship from you!


Hi There: My friends in Osoyoos are thrilled with your Magazine. So thank you for being so prompt.!


Anyway, just wanted to congratulate you on the success of your magazine ~ I love the fact that you are now adding 4 more pages. Means it is taking off big time. Your web pages look great too.!


Hi Susan, I'm glad you are doing so card. When I first saw the magazine & how professional it was, I knew you had a winner there. Keep up the good work! Awesome work!!


Hi Susan! Thanks for the email - your emails are always so informative and your little tinge of humour is always lurking around the corner…!


Happy New Year to you!
Your mag. continues to be excellent. Congratulations!!

Cheers Barbara

Happy New Year Susan,
I think the magazine looks very professional - you have achieved a lovely product in a short time.
Wishing you all the growth you are looking for in 2009!

Liz McKnight, Art Therapist MEd, DVATI, BCATR

Its great to have something for Island artists… I am looking forward to the next edition of your magazine and wish you much success with it.

Nanoose Bay, BC.