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Alyssa Penner

My paintings are inspired from the natural dream-like landscape residing in my ‘backyard’ of Campbell River, BC. I strive to express the feelings, vivid colors and raw beauty of the places and images I see in the natural environment. Sometimes my imagination takes over and I will make up a place and create a narrative like scene. Always keeping my camera and sketchbook close at hand enables me to capture reference and provides inspiration. I visualize a scene and bring the ideas home to put them to the canvas.
I grew up in Crofton, BC which is a quaint sea side town on Vancouver Island. Being so close to the ocean and marine life I couldn’t help but be inspired by the water world I heard and saw every day. My summers were spent at my Grandmother’s in Coombs, BC where I would spend countless hours sketching in her gardens and exploring the forested acreages completely immersed and inspired by the natural beauty surrounding me. I have had a passion for art my entire life and will continue to create and share my work.
I have explored many mediums and subjects in the past but have recently begun to work primarily in oils on canvas. I continue to experiment in watercolor and acrylics.

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