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Rosalie Jacques


Presents a modern look at the ancient art of encaustic painting blending photography and mixed media.

To begin the encaustic process Rosalie creates a special paint consisting of a formula of beeswax, damar resin and highly concentrated pigments.

Working in mixed media Rosalie combines her love of photography with
Encaustic paint and other media such as watercolour paint, pencils and blocks,
oil paint and sticks, pan pastels, charcoal,
graphite powder,, India ink, tar and alcohol inks which adds a sense of mystery and intrigue.

It’s a labour intensive process where Rosalie’s photographs are printed and then carefully imbedded into her paintings. The result is a stunning, modern, design with lots of textural appeal. . The work is a celebration of the photographs that inspire her.

Rosalie’s one- of- a- kind encaustic photographs are held in private collections across Canada and the
United States

‘Rosalie can be contacted at

Contact Information

Cell Phone: 250-830-7801

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