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Roxy Hurtubise

Photography is a true expression of my spirit and my surroundings. To capture the moments in nature, plants, animals, sky, and water is what I really love to do on a daily basis. I travel always with my cameras or use my i Phone. I have been capturing images since I was eleven and I love how photography has evolved! The addition of computers and digital software opens the doors of creativity, which makes me smile!

I have expanded my creativity by drawing with pencil crayons and pastels, painting with watercolours, acrylic and oil paints to create a unique and inspiring digital art. My Angel Art is the result of this exploration. I really enjoy this creative process.

When I had my gallery in Parksville, BC the one thing that I learned is people like to have choices. So my images including my Angel Art and Love Collections often have many different choices to select from - while the main image is the same you will have a choice of sizes, horizontal, vertical, panoramic, and sometimes different borders that enhance the image. Or it may be offered in colour, black & white or in sepia to compliment your indoor world. I decided to offer the colour choices in my Angel Art and Love Collections as well as many people resonate with different colours.

I hope you enjoy my work and may it lift your spirit and inspire you in the future.

My husband Trevor and I love to travel and adventure here on Vancouver Island and anywhere the road leads us. We are inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds us and we want to share it with you.

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Enjoy the world around you!


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