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David Good
Plein Air Painter

As a plein air painter I find great inspiration in what I see in nature – the natural and built environment. My perceptions are inescapably personal and subjective yet I want to connect with people through paintings that are authentic and are engaging. I like to work from real subjects because I want to be present and experience the mood and atmosphere of a place – its light, temperature, winds and sounds and my personal response to it. I work on small panels but I also enjoy working in the studio, using the sketches as a point of departure for larger works.
Gordon Smith, the great Canadian landscape painter, says he is ‘a thousand painters deep’. I take my pool of influences from my teachers, the great plein air painters -- the Impressionists and the Group of Seven and many others, but in the end, when the eye comes to the scene, the brush to paint and then to canvas, it is about how I see the world and how I wish to express it to others.
The great thing about painting is the freedom it provides me – the unique opportunity to find inspiration in what I see, to cultivate the discipline and apply my skills to a blank canvas and to share this experience with others. For me painting is a deeply personal endeavour and a social responsibility.

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