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Marcelle Glock

My ceramic discipline is in the wood fire tradition. Known as Mad Mudslinger Pottery and Clay Art, my home studio, kiln, and workshop operate on beautiful Mudge Island. Clay has been my primary craft and art medium since childhood. In the mid-90's I studied Fine Arts at Malaspina University-College in Naniamo, BC. With ceramics being my main focus of study, I was lucky to attend the building of the first version of Nanaimo's world famous noborigama Tozan Kiln on the grounds of the mountainside campus. I easily wandered from academic study after meeting a local wood fire potter and kiln-builder on Gabriola Island, who agreed to take me on as his apprentice. After years of working with Graham Sheehan, and learning from him all phases of studio production processes, the Mad Mudslinger wood fire kiln was constructed on my rustic island homestead. Since then it has been quite an adventure becoming intimately acquainted with the rhythm of the fire and taming my 'little fire-breathing dragon'. The functional domestic pottery I make are almost always one of's. I work too slowly for heavy practical production sets and feel tired after seeing the same shape over and over. Today I'm getting back to one of my original passions for clay work of creating large sculptural urns and amphoras. These kind of vessels have always reminded me of people, therefore an obvious medium for emotional communication. Themes are often primitive or archetypal, referring to the ancestral past and mysterious future. Ceramic material has played an important role in human evolution from prehistoric times and will continue into the space-age and beyond. These integral earthly threads inspire me to take part in the cycle of ancient artifacts.

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Address: RR2 S21 C10
Gabriola Island BC V0R 1X6

Cell Phone: 2507223049

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