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April Dyck

April Dyck is a self-taught contemporary artist living in the Comox Valley. She has an
artistic style that people are saying is uniquely original to her.
April’s colourful paintings includes abstract, representative and figurative subjects.
Her paintings are luminescent achieved by the layering of many colours. Each painting
is often completed with drawn lines to isolate the colours and to emphasis contours.
She is known for her playfulness with perspective and enjoys trying to provoke a feeling
in the viewer.
Over the years nothing has been sacred from April's paintbrush. She has painted
murals on windows, walls, buildings and even her 1979 diesel VW Rabbit Car.
Her painting process includes thumbnail sketches, studies and preparing platforms for a
painting. She enjoys doing very large paintings and commission work.

Contact Information

Address: 5392 Island Hwy N.
Courtenay BC V9J 1S9

Home Phone: 778-992-1138

Email Address:
Web site:
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