Bev Petersen

I don’t paint what I see. I paint what I feel. My goal is to paint authentically, freely and joyfully. I don’t restrict myself to specific mediums, themes, or trends.
Knowledge, skill and technique are important tools that aid the process and are learned. What, I feel is most important is innate and unique to what the artist attempts to communicate from a very deep level.
Although art defined me from a very early age, it would take a long and circuitous route to liberate the artist within.
I grew up in a small Manitoba community, lived in Toronto, Saskatoon, Edmonton and Salt Spring Island before moving to Vancouver Island in 1994. I left home at 17, climbing the corporate ladder, furthering business education, working as an accountant, owning a construction company and becoming a licensed Realtor.
Art was never abandoned. I completed art programs, participated in workshops, and honed skills. Paintings were usually given away, filed away or thrown away. Art became a kind of therapy along with journal writing and stories.
A few years ago after encouragement to join a painting group, I was finally able to accept myself as an artist. Nature, gardening, fitness activities and family provide balance. Home and studio are shared with husband Hans, a sculptor and a giant tabby cat.

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